Rob Scott, aged 83, is one of the 'unexpected heroes'.Discover what’s beneath the wrinkles

'Unexpected Heroes', a unique photographic exhibition showing Victorians what’s beneath the wrinkles of some of its older community members, has been launched as part of the 2015 Victorian Seniors Festival. Read more

Healthy ageing key to success

Latest People are living longer and continue to make valuable contributions to society as they age but they are not necessarily in better health. A new report urges governments to change their focus and ensure the needs of their ageing society are met. A key factor in this is the health of older people. Read more

Dogs 4 Dementia pilot expanded

Latest A pilot project, which will see people diagnosed with dementia partnered up with a specially trained assistance dog, has been expanded from two to five states. Read more

Aged Care
Let's talk about sex over 60: condoms, casual partners and the ageing body

Let's talk about sex over 60: condoms, casual partners and the ageing body

Over the past few years we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among Australians aged 60 years and older. Rates of gonorrhoea more than doubled in this age group between 2007 and 2011. Rates of chlamydia also rose significantly during this time, mirroring similar trends internationally.

Tackling the ‘burning issues’ in aged care

Tackling the ‘burning issues’ in aged care

Just last month, a fire engulfed an aged care facility in northern Mexico, killing at least 16 elderly residents in a pre-dawn inferno. It is just one example of the safety threat care homes are experiencing – and Australia is no stranger to the danger.